Why is the New AirTag not so Original?

AirTag, Apple’s latest launch in 2021, has a strong Latin American-born rival. AZBEACONS® was conceived for personal and industrial use and has superior functionalities.
Since the launch of the iPod, iPhone, and the epic introduction of the iPad in 2010; in which Steve Jobs dared to compare his tablet with the table of the 10 commandments of Moses, The World Apple Developers Conference (WADC) became an inevitable annual ritual for the faithful pilgrims of the technology industry. Apple Inc., the Silicon Valley giant, was able to turn a technical event into a functional ritual for the annual launch of new hardware and software.

The event on April 20 was no exception, it had a massive online audience from many corners of the planet. Apple Inc. CEO “Tim Cook” in an unusual and bright speech, presented a range of improved products, along with the latest software updates: From the Apple Card, the Apple TV series, to the new colorful versions of the iMac, although the novelty of the event ended up being the launch of a little new product, the AirTag.

AirTags are simply Beacons, small devices based on Bluetooth low energy technology, which transmit a signal that identifies each Beacon. This signal can be received and interpreted by other devices, which means there is a two-way identification.

Apple Inc., presented the AirTags as a solution, for those situations where objects are lost or misplaced. AirTags can be attached to a purse, wallet, or key ring, to a bicycle, or over a pet’s collar. Users can view and recover their lost items through a location map.

Without a doubt, this gadget for mass consumption was born with a privileged place in an emerging and thriving market. A market championed by the forgetful Z Generation. According to the “Andro4all” portal, 4 out of 5 teenagers in the United States are thinking of buying an iPhone or already have one. This facilitates Apple company to remain in the Beacons market quite strongly.

But the emerging Z Gen market isn’t the Beacons’ only business opportunity. The AirTag has a twin product developed in Colombia 3 years ago, called AZBEACONS®; which was conceived with personal use with an immediate link for different industrial sectors of America and Europe. It has superior functionalities that are not limited to simply finding objects.
AZBEACONS®, in addition to having the basic functionality of finding objects, has significant advantages for different industries and business categories. AZBEACONS® is compatible with Android, iOS, and additional Gateways (Network Devices). In general, the Beacons found on the market support the same functionalities compared to the location of two-way objects.

They have similar characteristics such as: Location of both the smartphone and the tag, similar speaker, similar battery change or USB port charging and they also work with a friendly search network; that is, they can be indirectly found from another smartphone. The difference lies in its extended functionality.
AZBEACONS® offers different perspectives for the digital transformation of people and companies, from commercial sectors, improving the in-store experience, business events, and tourism activities to the formation of new business processes, cost reduction, and diversification sources of income.

AZBEACONS® in the Insurance Industry
Since its origin, AZBEACONS® helps users to save on vehicle insurance such as PAY AS YOU DRIVE®, paying the right amount according to use and risk exposure is the best way to democratize insurance rates. The use of AZBEACONS® is a win-win, both for insurers and insurance companies. In addition to this, it is generating trust and loyalty to their affiliates, achieved with minimal investment, acquiring online information that helps reducing the accident rate, tracks the vehicle, and calculates its mileage and degree of exposure in a reliable way with a cost of up to 90% lower than a GPS and much more confidentiality. With AZBEACONS® car policy rates are personalized.
Inventory controls are now quick and easy
For any industry, marketer, and distributor, having stored product is not profitable, being able to dispose of the product at the right time and control the production and storage quantities, significantly improves the numbers of the operation. Decisions are made wisely when organizations have access to information in real-time. This is why with AZBEACONS® and other gateways, inventory control is agile and easy. By combining its two main characteristics: product identification and location, a world of possibilities and IoT solutions emerge to optimize industrial processes.

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The potential of AZBEACONS® in the Retail industry
In the competition to captivate end-consumers in supermarkets and retail stores, the pleasant user experience is increasingly relevant. To the point that everything is structured so that consumption becomes a pleasant experience.

This, added to the fact that the current consumer is permanently connected and according to the Oracle Marketing Cloud Consultant “an average user could consult their smartphone almost 150 times a day”. This translates into an opportunity for the retail industry. With AZBEACONS® customers can be motivated and without being intrusive, it enables retailers to know their habits and preferences.

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The role of AZBEACONS® for Retail could be framed in 4 advantages:
Advertising: Being able to reach customers at the right place and at the right time. Example: A store triggers an ad that generates a particular action or notifies the user about a special discount.
Data collection and analysis: Before, data generation was difficult to collect. Now, following the movements of customers through their phones, you can discover the visited sections, the hot and cold areas, the stay, and the purchase.
Personalization: To retain customers, the use of discounts, promotions, recommendations or coupons can be customized taking into account the purchase history.
Extended Resources: A user makes that his smartphone (not only iPhones, but any brand and operating system) is enhanced in convenience functionalities for his daily, personal or professional routines.
What is interesting about the AZBEACONS® universe is not only in the personal uses, but also in the benefits that have been achieved for the different industrial sectors, and in the world of possibilities that are yet to be discovered.

We are continually co-creating new AZBEACONS® functionalities. All we need is to talk with managers, heads of areas from different industries and understand the way they operate and their needs, just as we have always done. Surely our team of experts will be able to generate solutions that optimize processes and guarantee the Return on Investment that is high and in a very short term.

Edgar Salas – CEO AZLOGICA®
AZLOGICA® is the developer of the solutions with AZBEACONS®, it is a leader and pioneer in Internet of Things with more than 13 years of success cases and presence in America and Europe. AZLOGICA’s solutions have a Financial Impact due to their high Return on Investment, Social Impact due to the direct approach to Sustainable Development Goals, and Technological impact due to Digital Equity.

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