ECODRIVE® is an advanced engineering platform that combines Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed specifically to enhance energy efficiency and promote sustainability in various processes.

This system focuses on real-time monitoring of energy consumption, usage habits, emissions, waste, and control variables, both in mobile and stationary assets.

How it work?

ECODRIVE® operates by monitoring real-time energy consumption, habits, and emissions through sensors and IoT devices.

Its advanced algorithms enable risk and security management (AI TRiSM) and threat anticipation (CTEM). It contributes to sustainability, offers comprehensive solutions, and democratizes efficient development.

It easily integrates into industry-specific environments and enhances engineering applications. Democratized Generative AI facilitates AI generation, and Augmented Connected Workforce optimizes collaboration.

Adapting to the market (Machine Customers), ECODRIVE® presents itself as a proactive solution in line with emerging technological trends, offering a comprehensive and efficient approach.


ECODRIVE®, our IoT+AI platform, offers a complete range of functionalities to enhance asset management and analysis

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous supervision of energy consumption, usage habits, emissions, waste, and control variables.

Intelligent Report Generation

Creation of advanced reports providing detailed insights into recorded patterns and behaviors

Machine Learning

Implementation of machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data and make predictions for strategic decision-making

Energy Efficiency

Identification and optimization of energy consumption patterns for more efficient management


Focus on waste and emission reduction to contribute to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices

Control Variables

Monitoring and adjustment of key variables to optimize processes and improve operational efficiency

Predictive Information

Generation of predictive insights based on the analysis of historical data to anticipate trends and future events

Process Optimization

Identification of improvement areas and optimization opportunities in operational processes.




Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Use cases

Fleet Tracking for Sustainable Transport

ECODRIVE, through its platform, provides detailed fleet tracking, enabling the adoption of sustainable practices by optimizing routes, reducing emissions, and monitoring fuel consumption.

Energy Control in Agriculture

The platform monitors the energy consumption of agricultural vehicles, optimizing their performance and reducing environmental impact in agricultural activities.

Monitoring Recycling and Waste Processes

ECODRIVE facilitates the management of recycling fleets by providing real-time data on waste collection and transportation, contributing to efficiency and sustainability in this process.

Public Transport Optimization

Through ECODRIVE, public transport efficiency is improved by tracking and analyzing the fleet, allowing real-time adjustments to offer a more efficient and sustainable service.

Efficiency in Port Operations

ECODRIVE optimizes port operations by providing detailed information about the fleet, improving logistics, and reducing environmental impact in port areas.

Commercial Fleet Optimization

The platform enables efficient management of commercial fleets by offering real-time data on vehicle performance, contributing to operational efficiency and sustainability.

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