PAY AS YOU DRIVE® is an advanced engineering platform that combines Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing for usage-based vehicle billing and risk exposure assessment.

Through electronic devices installed in vehicles and sophisticated software, it measures crucial factors in real-time, such as mileage, driving habits, and driver location.

The collected information is directly linked to the user’s insurance rate, offering a more equitable and accurate pricing model aligned with each driver’s actual exposure.

This optimizes the insurance business model by providing fair and personalized rates, fostering transparency and efficiency in the automotive insurance industry.

How it work?

PAY AS YOU DRIVE® ensures the security and confidentiality of data by measuring real-time factors such as mileage, driving habits, and location, implementing AI TRiSM.

It continuously monitors these factors to dynamically adjust insurance rates, achieving Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM).

It adopts sustainable technology, optimizing business efficiency and utilizing cloud industrial platforms for remote access.

Its AI-enhanced development approach customizes rates based on the driver’s actual exposure, contributes to the increase of connected labor, and acts as a machine client by integrating devices into vehicles to collect accurate real-time information.

In summary, it redefines insurance pricing by linking the driver’s actual exposure to fair and personalized rates.


PAY AS YOU DRIVE®, our IoT+AI platform, offers a complete range of functionalities to enhance management and analysis:

Mileage Measurement

Records and analyzes the mileage covered by the insured in real-time.

Driving Scoring

Evaluates driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking, rapid accelerations, etc.

Personalized Pricing

Associates the insurance rate directly with the insured's driving profile.

Overcharge for Bad Habits

Applies an overcharge for each kilometer driven with bad driving habits.

High-Risk Zones

Identifies and records areas with a high accident or theft rate.

Overcharge for Risky Zones

Applies an overcharge for each kilometer driven in high-risk zones.

High-Risk Hours

Identifies and records hours with a high accident or theft rate.

Overcharge for Risky Hours

Applies an overcharge for each kilometer driven during high-risk time periods.

Scoring and Rate Reports

Generates detailed reports associated with the insured's profile and real-time measurement of key variables.

Rate Optimization

Dynamically adjusts insurance rates based on driver behavior and exposure.

Real-Time Risk Management

Monitors and manages driving risks in real-time.

Integration of Electronic Devices

Utilizes electronic devices in vehicles to collect accurate and real-time data.

Rate Customization

Customizes insurance rates based on the specific exposure and driving habits of each insured.




Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Use cases

Telematics for Personalized Insurance

The platform uses advanced telematics to collect real-time data on driver behavior, enabling personalized insurance based on real risk.

Driving Data Analysis

The platform analyzes detailed driving data, including speed patterns, harsh braking, and accelerations, to assess and rate driver safety.

Real-Time Data Security

Implements advanced security measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of real-time data collected during driving.

Automated Scoring Reports

Automates the generation of detailed scoring reports, providing insurers and insureds with an accurate view of driver performance.

Artificial Intelligence in Risk Assessment

Utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to continuously assess driving risks, proactively adjusting rates and offering recommendations for improving safety.

Efficient Management of Corporate Fleets

Enables companies with fleets to efficiently manage their vehicles by monitoring and analyzing each driver’s driving performance, improving safety, and reducing costs.

Dynamic Rate Adaptation

Dynamically adjusts insurance rates based on changes in driving habits, ensuring accurate and up-to-date pricing.

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