Sustainable Future, Latin American Innovation Transforming Organic Waste

Sustainability and circular economy are some of the guidelines that Colombian company Biotérmica Innovación focuses on. Specialized in transforming organic waste into biomass, with significant growth opportunities both in Colombia and internationally, the company is optimizing its processes by integrating digital technologies, becoming more accessible and competitive at both local and global levels. The application […]

Best Practices in Cyber Insurance: Risk Mitigation in a Digitized World

The constant evolution of technology has transformed our world, providing unprecedented convenience but also introducing significant challenges in terms of information security. The growing threat of cyber attacks and security breaches has underscored the importance of having robust cybersecurity strategies backed by specialized insurance. In this context, best practices in cyber insurance have become an […]

Why is the New AirTag not so Original?

AirTag, Apple’s latest launch in 2021, has a strong Latin American-born rival. AZBEACONS® was conceived for personal and industrial use and has superior functionalities.Since the launch of the iPod, iPhone, and the epic introduction of the iPad in 2010; in which Steve Jobs dared to compare his tablet with the table of the 10 commandments […]

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