TEAM MANAGER® is an advanced engineering platform that combines Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI), designed to enhance efficiency in fieldwork teams.

It facilitates communication between operators and administrators, enabling real-time instruction reception, delivery of results, and effective communication through smartphones, sensors, and electronic readers.

With a personalized experience, the platform is manageable by administrators or leaders, who can make online decisions based on the team-generated information, thus optimizing time and work quality highly efficiently.

How it work?

TEAM MANAGER® optimizes field team management, aligning with various key strategies.

It ensures AI trust and security (AI TRiSM) through data personalization and secure management, integrating proactive measures for risk mitigation.

With a focus on continuous threat exposure management (CTEM), it uses connected technologies to monitor risks in real-time.

Its platform engineering allows efficient integration of technologies.

It incorporates enhanced AI development and intelligent applications to optimize workflows and improve decision-making.

By relying on industrial cloud platforms, it facilitates remote accessibility and real-time collaboration, democratizes AI by allowing customization, contributes to the increase of connected labor, and acts as an effective client for machines by integrating sensors and electronic readers to collect precise and real-time data.


TEAM MANAGER®, our IoT+AI platform, offers a complete range of functionalities to enhance asset management and analysis:

Real-time Task Assignment

Instant instructions and task assignment through the platform.

Field Activity Logging

Detailed tracking of activities performed by the team in the field.

Real-time Communication

Facilitates instant operator-administrator communication.

Time and Schedule Management

Planning and tracking of team working times.

Online Results Delivery

Operators can send results and updates in real-time.

Use of Mobile Technologies and Sensors

Integration of smartphones, sensors, and electronic readers for efficient data collection.

Customization of Instructions and Reports

Full adaptation of instructions and reports according to specific needs.

Centralized Management by Administrators or Leaders

Central platform for online administration and decision-making.

Visualization and Analysis of Generated Information

Tools for visualizing and analyzing information generated by the team.

Work Process Optimization

Continuous improvement of operational efficiency through process optimization.




Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Use cases

Field Service Operations

Efficient coordination of service technicians for equipment repair and maintenance.

Inspections and Audits

Facilitation of on-site inspections and audits to ensure regulatory compliance.

Construction Work

Coordination of construction teams for efficient and safe progress at the worksite.

Infrastructure Maintenance Operations

Predictive maintenance and scheduling of repair activities for critical infrastructures.

Engineering Project Management

Coordination of engineering teams in the development of projects.

Technical Assistance Services

Remote attention and technical assistance to quickly and effectively solve problems.

Agricultural Operations

Optimization of crop management and real-time tracking of agricultural equipment.

Safety and Occupational Health Inspections

Conducting inspections to ensure compliance with workplace safety standards.

Real-time Event Management

Coordination of personnel at events to ensure efficient and safe flow.

Home Health Service Operations

Coordination of visits by medical personnel and monitoring of home care.

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