DeepEye is an advanced engineering platform that combines Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI), specially designed to optimize processes through an artificial intelligence video system.

The platform utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and extract valuable information from visual data, enabling more informed and efficient real-time decision-making.

How it work?

DeepEye ensures confidence and security in artificial intelligence (AI TRiSM) through video analysis backed by robust security measures.

It implements Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), proactively addressing risk exposure through constant analysis of real-time video data.

Additionally, it promotes sustainability and focuses on Platform Engineering, offering comprehensive solutions from data collection to insights presentation.

DeepEye is an integrated solution that reflects and actively contributes to emerging technological trends in 2024.


DeepEye, our IoT+AI platform, offers a complete range of functionalities to enhance management and analysis in engineering projects:

Advanced Data Analytics in POWERBI

Creation of intelligent reports that enhance confidence in artificial intelligence and security, aligning with the trend of ""AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management (AI TRiSM).

Proactive Alerts for Continuous Threat Management

Activation of messaging resources for early alerts, providing quick responses and aligning with "Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)."

Intelligent Video Analysis with Machine Learning

Implementation of advanced computer vision through machine learning algorithms, in accordance with the evolution of ""Democratized Generative AI.

Efficient Digital Collaboration with the Connected Workforce

Integration of technologies to optimize collaboration and reflect the trend of ""Augmented Connected Workforce.




Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Use cases

Intelligent Security in Industrial Environments

Implementation of visual analysis to ensure safety in industrial environments, identifying possible risks and unusual behaviors

Automated Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Use of advanced algorithms to detect intrusions in perimeters, enhancing surveillance and quick response to risk situations

Route Optimization with Geolocation

Video analysis to optimize transportation and logistics routes through geolocation, improving fleet management efficiency.

Predictive Equipment Failure Analysis

Use of machine learning to predict potential failures in industrial equipment, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing downtime.

Advanced Monitoring of Heavy Machinery

Implementation of visual analysis to monitor and improve the performance of heavy machinery in industrial environments.

Integration of Neural Networks in Production

Application of neural networks to improve production processes, optimizing efficiency and product quality.

Object and People Recognition for Security

Use of recognition technologies to identify objects and people, strengthening security and access management.

Autonomous Navigation for Warehouse Logistics

Implementation of autonomous navigation systems to improve logistics efficiency and warehouse management.

Real-Time Sentiment Analysis for Customers

Application of visual analysis to assess customer sentiment in real-time, facilitating service personalization.

Process Optimization with Advanced Control

Use of visual analysis to optimize industrial processes, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

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