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iCON® is an advanced engineering platform that combines Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It is designed to provide intelligent inventory management, enabling dynamic control of assets.

With features covering revenue management, a dedicated segment for best-selling products, the ability to manage active customers, create and manage orders, and the flexibility to add warehouses and locations as needed, iCON simplifies global administration, significantly improving operational efficiency.

How it work?

iCON optimizes inventory operations and ensures continuous adaptability and efficiency, thereby supporting best practices and emerging trends in inventory management and supply chain.

With a focus on trust (AI TRiSM) and proactive risk management (CTEM), iCON stands out for its sustainable technology, robust platform engineering, and advanced development with AI.

Integration with industrial cloud platforms and the democratization of AI enables users to generate innovative solutions directly.


iCON, our IoT+AI platform, offers a complete range of functionalities to enhance the management and analysis of assets:

Income Tracking

Detailed tracking of incoming products.

Sales Tracking

Precise monitoring of sold products.

Loss Management

Identification and registration of lost products.

Damage Logging

Reporting and management of damaged products.

Inventory Optimization

Tools to maximize inventory efficiency

Asset Tracking

Real-time monitoring of assets through IoT.

Product Totals

Summaries of products available in inventory.

Report Generation

Creation of detailed reports on inventory status.

Automatic Alerts

Configuration of automatic notifications for specific events.

Intuitive Interface

User-friendly platform for data management and analysis.




Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Use cases

Inventory Management

Through the iOT platform ICON, integrating different types of communication allows constant traceability of all assets, whether stored or in transit.

Supermarkets and Retail Stores

Efficient management of perishable products, real-time tracking of product rotation.

Distribution Centers and Logistics

Optimization of routes and product distribution, precise inventory management in warehouses.

Pharmacies and Health Centers

Control of medicines and health products, expiration and batch management of medicines.

Manufacturing Companies

Tracking of raw materials and products in process, inventory optimization to avoid surpluses and shortages.

Technology Companies

Management of electronic components and equipment, control of technological assets in different locations.

Food and Beverage Companies

Control of expiration and handling of food products, tracking of seasonal product demand.

Construction Companies

Management of tools and equipment on the job site, control of supplies and construction materials.

E-commerce Companies

Inventory management in fulfillment warehouses, precise tracking of products in transit.

Consumer Electronics Companies

Inventory control for electronic devices, management of product launches and promotions.

Automotive Companies

Tracking of parts and components for vehicle manufacturing, inventory control for spare parts and accessories.

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