Insurance Sector Perfects Remote Assessments with IoT and Artificial Intelligence

It’s a reality! The insurance industry is reducing costs, optimizing resources, simplifying processes, and managing assessments through Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that incorporate 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Insurance companies are implementing technological tools associated with the fourth industrial revolution to manage inspections and assessments of vehicles, using tools like AZLOGICA’s Team Manager®.

Team Manager® is the first inspection and accident assessment platform that has used zero latency and high definition with 5G in Latin America. Its system performs image and video analysis with Artificial Intelligence, ensuring that both the insured and the insurer have real-time information associated with a traffic accident.

This world-class tool allows a professional to receive and process this information to provide remote instructions to a non-expert person. It also provides access to essential tools such as geolocation, online communication, and user management, achieving a highly reliable and fast assessment.

Traffic accidents deteriorate mobility during peak hours in major cities. According to Semana Magazine, Colombians rank second among countries that spend the most time stuck in traffic, with a total of 47 hours per year.

Through multiple key activities during the pandemic, any insurance company with Team Manager® can provide these benefits to users with an auto insurance policy:

  • Video call link and information transfer with 5G and lower technologies, depending on the cellular network coverage.
  • Real-time damage assessment through video call with the appraiser.
  • Artificial Intelligence analysis of images, videos, 3D models, and interactive panel data.
  • Reduction of additional expenses by generating quick coordination between people involved in the process.
  • Increased satisfaction of the insured regarding response times and service quality.

Therefore, leading insurance industry companies such as Previsora and Colserauto have implemented Team Manager® to optimize processes and resources, ensuring insured parties manage, control, and reliability.

This entire process is divided into 4 simple stages:

  1. The insured contacts the insurance company to receive a link that redirects them to the Team Manager® application.
  2. An appraiser is assigned to the case, who interacts via video call with the user (Insured or their authorized driver) and requests information about the insured vehicle.
  3. The appraiser conducts the corresponding evaluation and quickly sends the insured party the calculation of repair costs and required information.
  4. The entire process is stored as evidence of the inspection.

Team Manager® Video Inspector

Team Manager® is an elastic and flexible platform that can adapt and strengthen based on the specific needs of each company.

Some of its main features include:

Instant person-to-person video calls to collect and evaluate information immediately in real-time.

  • Incorporation of multi-calls quickly and effectively as needed.
  • Image recognition and feedback for video.
  • Interactive panel so that the appraiser can mark on the video call.
  • 3D modeling with definition of shape and dimensions of an object on different planes for study precision.
  • Geolocation of all individuals accessing the application.
  • Photogrammetry for object measurement using the mobile device’s camera.

Implemented Internet of Things (IoT) solutions impact the strategy and development of the insurance sector in the face of digital transformation. Because they customize and automate processes, reducing the learning curve for technical staff and enabling the insured to perform autonomous, quick, and secure management. These benefits are crucial in a pandemic and are here to stay.

If you are part of the insurance industry and require more precise consulting tailored to your needs, consult with our engineers:

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