Water Scarcity: From Data to Action, Ensuring Water Resources in Urban Areas with IoT and AI

The effects of climate change are amplifying the irregularity of weather patterns, triggering extreme events such as droughts and heatwaves. Faced with this urgent reality, technological solutions offer increasing hope in the battle for water conservation in urban environments. From anticipation to action, cutting-edge technologies, IoT, and AI redefine how we confront water crises Times […]

Celebrating 35 years of vital omnipresence of GPS

Considered a vital system in many of its digital tools, AZLOGICA celebrates the 35 years of GPS, since it became publicly accessible. Being part of numerous facets of modern life, GPS has revolutionized our way of locating ourselves and interacting with the world, and its future remains promising. Integrated into cutting-edge technologies such as IoT […]

Unimaginable Future in Healthcare: Convergence of IoT and AI

The convergence of IoT and AI has triggered an unprecedented transformation in healthcare, reshaping paradigms in provision, monitoring, and health management. With significant advancements in remote patient monitoring, predictive analysis, personalized medicine for diagnoses, preventive interventions, early disease detection, and individualized treatments, these cutting-edge technological solutions already offer improved operational efficiency in healthcare, foreseeing a […]

Water Revolution: Towards a Sustainable Digital Future

Currently, the global challenges in water and sanitation for the future are deeply intertwined with the dynamics generated between digital technologies and renewable energy engineering, playing a fundamental role in actions aimed at sustainably managing water resources. Digitalization in water management is already a decisive factor in “Ensuring the availability and sustainable management of water […]

Unlocking the Potential of GovTech and its Role in Public Sector Innovation

The world is amidst profound transformations, from constant geopolitical tensions to climate crises, amid the rise of artificial intelligence. Recent events underscore the fundamental role of Government Technology (GovTech) in rebuilding trust, fostering inclusion, and achieving sustainable development goals. In the complexity of today’s governments, where trust and efficiency are paramount, GovTech emerges as a […]

Harnessing AI and IoT: A Significant Achievement in the Frontline Battle Against Forest Fires

Beyond ecological disasters impacting ecosystems, communities, and economies, the exacerbation of forest fires due to climate change has allowed technology to emerge as a crucial ally in the fight against this growing global threat. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are radically transforming the prevention and management of forest fires, from forecasting […]

CES 2024 and its Deep Dive into a Technological Future Framed by the AI Revolution

CES 2024 and its Deep Dive into a Technological Future

CES 2024 once again proved to be the global stage for the latest technological advancements. Amidst the dazzling array of innovations, and as expected, artificial intelligence (AI) emerged as the true star, promising a future that is not only intelligent but radically transformative, of which AZLOGICA® is an inherent part, in this integration of fundamental […]

Remodeling Sustainable Finances, Goal of TechSprint at COP28 UAE

In an innovative collaboration, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the presidency of COP28, and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (CBUAE) joined forces to select the winners of the COP28 UAE TechSprint, a major initiative aimed at accelerating innovation in sustainable finance and addressing climate change head-on. Under the presidency of COP28 […]

2024 will reveal unsuspected scopes in the evolution of IoT

The evolution and transformations of IoT in the technological landscape of 2024 will place this technology in a central position, prioritizing security and a remodeling of industries. Renewal in various industrial sectors will come from innovative advances stemming from brain-computer interfaces, shaping a future where human thoughts increasingly shape technology. Within the dynamics of technological […]

Sustainable Future, Latin American Innovation Transforming Organic Waste

Sustainability and circular economy are some of the guidelines that Colombian company Biotérmica Innovación focuses on. Specialized in transforming organic waste into biomass, with significant growth opportunities both in Colombia and internationally, the company is optimizing its processes by integrating digital technologies, becoming more accessible and competitive at both local and global levels. The application […]

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