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Solution for remote management and control with Industrial IoT (IIoT) of Base Stations and technical sites for the distribution of connectivity network of cellular operators, allowing control, activation, powering on, powering off, rebooting, and monitoring equipment in real time. Among the equipment and variables are generator sets, access control with video and biometrics, power equipment through data buses, and environmental variables such as temperature and humidity.


Mobile video in the vehicle cabin, allowing online monitoring of assets, driving habits, road conditions, situations occurring in front of the driver, and other variables.

IoT systems for customer loyalty and risk reduction in insured companies.

In insured companies within the ALLIANZ portfolio, assets such as vehicles and productive processes have been connected to support risk management for both ALLIANZ and its clients. This facilitates the actual operation of the insured party with management tools that allow the visualization of data from operators and vehicles online. This data is associated with the fulfillment of tasks for each vehicle and operator, proper use of machinery and resources, and the sustainability of the insured and its operation. Allianz includes this as a service complement within its policies or as a strategic alliance with AZLOGICA.

Online Visualization and Control System

Solution that allows precise monitoring and control of factors such as temperature and vibration within the mechanism responsible for the proper operation of the extruders.

IoT system for fleet management for brand customers"

From the Renault production line, the French manufacturer of the world's largest producing Alliance, the RENAULT CONNECTED SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY system is installed initially for fleets.
This is a technological solution for visualizing and managing the data generated by the vehicle and/or its operation for the benefit of its user, its owner, and RENAULT's corporate and sustainability objectives.
It allows managing online information about the vehicle's operation, risk, consumption, driving, and maintenance. Additionally, it incorporates the ECODRIVE® brand, which helps monitor energy consumption and reduce emissions of polluting gases.


Beverage delivery trucks have a system installed capturing and sending data online to cloud software, configured for use by each of the following departments:

- Distribution: Receives delivery route schedules and delivery completion percentages.
- Automotive: Receives data from the vehicle's computer (ECU) to verify driving habits and proper machine use.
- Sustainable Development and Fuel: Allows verification of fuel levels used, losses, and reduction of consumption through efficient transfers, good habits, and emission reduction.

Management and control of mobile assets

G4S has entered into a strategic alliance with AZLOGICA to utilize the flexibility, scalability, and information security of multiple platforms according to the security value proposition of this major UK company.

The platform is customizable in its functionalities to be implemented in bicycles, automobiles, mobile machinery, and can range from simple positioning to online video visualization and a whole range of intelligent sensors and reporting based on the requirements of each client.

Voice-enabled virtual assistant with skills

Solution for remote management and automation of event processes, downloading cooperative certificates, and payment processing. It is proposed that the above processes can be automated with ALEXA SKILLS, thus allowing each step of the processes to be performed through commands with an assistance system that adapts to each of the commands dictated by COOMEVA employees and/or clients.


Usage Based Insurance (UBI) portfolio solution.
AZLOGICA®'s award winning innovation program PAY AS YOU DRIVE® has been adapted to AXA's needs for its exploration towards a market of more than 70% of the total insurable vehicle fleet.
AXA has defined an implementation strategy with pricing benefits through the ability to visualize and control the risk exposure that can be identified in each connected vehicle.
The data allows us to explore controlled scenarios for the launch of consumption-based pricing products.


In Bogota there are +400,000 public lighting lamps. Electronic systems were installed in those most susceptible to theft or damage.
With the sequence of connection alerts, opening of covers, movement, electronic geofence output, position and movement, their theft was reduced until the risk was almost eliminated.
(Figures reserved for ENEL's internal management).
The systems installed give a proximity of centimeters of precision by combining cellular network with radio frequency.

Commercial Management Efficiency System with Artificial Intelligence Video

Solution that allows identifying people within a database provided by the client (employees, customers, suppliers), and their visits, in order to calculate the effectiveness of employees in serving potential customers, increase sales and reduce costs in commercial and after-sales processes, through the identification of operations, times and movements with AI.

Data capture of green areas to optimize their maintenance

Equipment that allows the capture of data associated with the green areas of the city of Medellin from the processing of information from city cameras and mobile cameras and its subsequent visualization in intelligent reports, early warnings and predictions made through Machine Learning.


Solution implemented to Senior Executives of the Insurance Sector, during their International Convention, to identify their particular interest in the conferences and meetings associated with the event, as well as attendance metrics, permanence, affluence, among others. The data acquisition is done with RFID tags installed in badges of each executive, and data transmission via UHF, cellular network and Wifi.
The analytics and prediction with machine Learning allowed online evaluation of behavior and even rewarding the best.


The operation of Technical Services of EMCALI (One of the most Important Public Utilities Companies in Latin America) is managed and optimized thanks to visualization applications and early alerts automatically generated from vehicles and Mobile machinery and supported by operators with electronic forms managed from their smartphones.
This optimizes risk exposure, the use of vehicles and human and technical resources and increases the quality of service to the community.

Plant image analysis by means of artificial video intelligence

Solution for remote monitoring of plant variables with applied bioinputs to evaluate changes, variations and generate analytics for effective decision making.

Remote data capture and management in machinery fluids

Solution focused on obtaining accurate and reliable remote data from measurements taken from multisensors connected to machinery and with the ability to generate early warnings and develop an analytical model, from a comprehensive offering of world-class Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

Remote 5G video expertise

Solution for remote management and control with Industrial IoT (IIoT) for the provision of TEAM MANAGER® platform with remote inspection, with customized recognition of objects and in various parts of the vehicles inspecting by video call.

Control and management of machinery in plants with Digital Twins by means of virtual reality in remote areas.

Solution that starts with the information stored in the Data Lake that is integrated with AZLOGICA's THINGS MANAGER platform for the visualization of the acquired data, parameterization of early alerts, intelligent reports and Power BI analytics that will allow the monitoring of the assets present in the Digital Twins of CENIT's infrastructure.

On-line remote monitoring of MiniBanking System

Integration of validators with a lockbox system that allows uploading to the cloud all transactions that are recorded in the same validator by implementing a
cash control system.

Control of variables in water

Solution that allows to control variables to determine the quality and level of water used in the company's process.
It requires automation of the control of 3 variables (Chlorine in the water - Water hardness - Water tank level) where the information is accurate and available in the cloud.
water - Water hardness - Water tank level) where the information is accurate and available in the cloud.

GPS monitoring integrated into vehicles

Solution for remote management and control with IoT, with provision of EVOLUCIÓN® platform for monitoring and control of vehicles.

Administration, Infrastructure Operation and Water Management

Solution focused on the assessment, design, planning, structuring and documentation for the efficient management, administration and operation of GPI's water well infrastructure, based on the advanced use of analytics, early alerts and intelligent reporting. Through a proactive approach, we design specialized architectures and service delivery models that align with each client's specific priorities and preferences.
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