AZBEACONS® is a short-range electronic linking solution that utilizes Bluetooth to connect objects with smartphones, receivers, or compatible hubs.

This technology enables the creation of various practical scenarios, such as mileage counting, last point location, inventories, object searches, and more.

Additionally, AZBEACONS® serves as an ideal foundation for consumption-based or linked-object usage insurance products.

How it work?

AZBEACONS® operates exceptionally by integrating advanced technologies that directly respond to Gartner’s strategies.

Using short-range Bluetooth, the solution establishes intelligent connections between objects and devices, ensuring AI security and trust through a robust framework like AI TRiSM.

Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) is achieved by monitoring interactions in real-time, mitigating potential risks. Its ability to integrate with various devices exemplifies platform engineering, while leveraging AI for enhanced decision-making responds to AI-enhanced development.

Furthermore, AZBEACONS® democratizes AI, fosters an increase in connected labor, and acts as a machine client by providing accurate real-time data. It stands out not only for meeting current strategies but for anticipating and adapting to emerging trends, efficiently and strategically redefining connectivity.


ZBEACONS®, our electronic linking solution, offers a range of functionalities to enhance asset management and analysis:

Proximity Indicator

Uses Bluetooth technology to measure and display the proximity between the mobile device and linked objects, providing real-time information on relative distance.

Separation Alert

Implements a Bluetooth-based distance detection system, generating an alert when the mobile device separates from linked objects, providing an additional layer of security.

Object Sounds

Utilizes Bluetooth connectivity to send sound commands to linked objects from the app, allowing users to easily locate lost items.

Find Your Phone

Employs bidirectional interaction functionality between AZBeacon and the smartphone to make the linked phone ring when needed, facilitating its location.

Search Network

Implements a network system among users, using Bluetooth technology and the collaboration of nearby friends to track the last known location of objects within a specific range.

Buddy Assistance

Facilitates information exchange between linked AZBeacon devices, creating an efficient tracking network through collaboration between friends and users.

Mileage Counting

Integrates AZBeacon with the smartphone GPS for accurate tracking of distance traveled, especially useful when installed on the vehicle keychain.




Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Use cases

Livestock Control

Allows traceability and control of livestock heads, providing associated information such as location, weight, temperature, heat, and any variable important for production and raising.

Tracking Keys and Wallets

Link AZBEACONS® to keys or wallets to receive alerts when they are forgotten or lost, and use the sound function to facilitate location.

Luggage Location in Travel

Place AZBEACONS® on luggage for real-time tracking during trips and receive alerts when the luggage moves away, facilitating its recovery.

Home Object Management

Associate AZBEACONS® with important household items, such as remote controls, to quickly locate them using the sound function from the app.

Vehicular Access Control

Install AZBEACONS® on the vehicle keychain to track mileage and associate it with the smartphone GPS, providing a useful tool for fleet management and vehicle monitoring.

Prevention of Electronic Device Loss

Link AZBEACONS® to electronic devices, such as laptops or tablets, to receive alerts when they move away and facilitate their recovery.

Tracking Valuable Items

Use AZBEACONS® to track valuable items, such as cameras or sports equipment, during outdoor activities, with the ability to sound the object for quick location.

Pet Location

Place AZBEACONS® on a pet’s collar to track its location, especially in open environments, and use the search network among users to improve location.

Business Inventory Management

Implement AZBEACONS® in a business environment to manage inventories, track asset locations, and receive alerts in case of loss or unauthorized movement.

Event Security

Use AZBEACONS® to manage security at events by tracking the location of valuable objects, such as presentation equipment, and receive alerts in case of unauthorized movement.

Retail Sales Item Tracking

Integrate AZBEACONS® into high-value products in retail environments to prevent theft and optimize inventory management.

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