Things Manager® is an advanced engineering platform that combines Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It specializes in the efficient management of stationary assets, providing companies with the ability to monitor and manage their key resources online.

Designed to address current industry challenges, Things Manager® stands out for its comprehensive capability to manage critical process variables.

How it work?

Things Manager® drives efficient management of stationary assets, enabling companies to monitor and manage their key resources online, addressing contemporary industry challenges.

Its comprehensive capability is reflected in the management of critical process variables. Things Manager® adapts to the needs of each client, providing real-time control over assets.

This solution is presented as integral, promoting operational efficiency and informed decision-making, aligning with key strategies such as Trust, Risk, and Security Management in AI (AI TRiSM) and Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM).

Additionally, it contributes to Sustainable Technology and Platform Engineering, democratizes AI with Intelligent Applications, and engages with the Connected Workforce.


Things Manager®, our IoT+AI platform, offers a complete range of functionalities to enhance the management and analysis of mobile assets

Real-Time Monitoring

Provides a real-time view of stationary assets, allowing continuous and reactive monitoring.

Process Variable Management

Manages a wide range of critical process variables, such as production speed, temperature, pressure, and machinery efficiency.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Adapts to the specific needs of each client, offering complete customization of functionalities.

Efficient Asset Control

Allows real-time control over stationary assets, improving operational efficiency.

Data and Insights Generation

Offers an immense set of valuable data and insights to support informed decision-making.

Integration with Cloud Platforms

Facilitates efficient and secure access to critical data through integration with industrial cloud platforms.

Democratization of AI

Converts data into valuable insights, democratizing artificial intelligence for customized solutions.

Collaboration with the Connected Workforce

Improves collaboration within the connected workforce, contributing to advanced management tailored to emerging technological trends.




Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

Use cases

Traffic Congestion Forecast

Through a comprehensive management platform, the state of roads can be observed, achieving intelligent transportation operations and efficient emergency management.

Proximity Control of Potential Customers

Locates nearby consumers and sends relevant information to the consumer.

Control of Fish Farming Pools

Allows control of all variables associated with industrial fish farming production, not only monitoring all physical and chemical water variables but also controlling the production status.

Anti-Theft Control in Fish Farming Production

Sensors for gate opening and closing and video cameras that visualize unauthorized personnel entries. Data is collected and transmitted to a main server in the cloud, providing alerts and analysis for early action and precise decision-making.

Environmental Variables Measurement: Control of environmental variables

Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, precipitation, wind, among others. Data is collected and transmitted to a main server in the cloud, providing alerts and analysis for early action and precise decision-making.

Water Quality Variables Control

Measurement and control of water quality variables such as dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, salinity, pH, among others. Visualization of data through operational and management reports designed with the Business Intelligence (BI) module facilitates user-end process control and decision-making.

People Access Controls

Access control to buildings or remote points with different biometric systems.

AZDATA Analytics

Strategic diagnosis, diagnostic, prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive analytics that allow companies to have personalized products and services for fraud detection, risk minimization based on collected data, optimization of the client mix, pricing, and offers to maximize profits, customization of policies based on behavior, among others.

Smart Cities

Implementation of solutions in communities to substantially improve citizens’ quality of life through the use of mature technologies for sustainable city development, generating a significant impact on quality of life, productivity, and competitiveness.
*Smart Metering: Real-time information collection and provision, offering ease of operation for both the user and the service provider.

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