Renault Launches Telemetry Program for Fleets at Envigado Plant

During an event focused on its major clients, RENAULT, one of the leading global vehicle brands, presented the key features of the telemetry system adopted by the brand for vehicle management with worldwide standards guaranteed by the company at its Envigado plant (COL).

The launch of the Renault Connected – Sustainable Mobility for Fleets program is a technological solution developed by AZLOGICA®, a leading company in the development of Internet of Things solutions. This program allows the visualization and management of data generated by the vehicle and/or its operation for the benefit of the user and the owner. This technology enables real-time management of information about the vehicle’s operation, risk, consumption, driving, and maintenance.

Eng. Edgar Salas, CEO of AZLOGICA®, explained that this program, endorsed by RENAULT standards from France, offers a high return on investment, impact on sustainable development, and technological equity. It adapts the best Telemetry and Internet of Things tools to the market’s needs.

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