Public Sector Uses AZLOGICA®’s Integrated IoT Platform with Alexa for Hands-Free and Operator-Free Queries 24/7

For the first time in Colombia and one of the firsts in Latin America, the virtual assistant Alexa has been integrated at an enterprise level for making queries and reports to the Internet of Things (IoT) services, providing hands-free and operator-free interactions 24/7.

With the aim of reducing manual transactions, keyboard usage, minimizing contact on multi-user computers, and automating queries and reports, thus reducing the need for 24/7 operators, AZLOGICA® has integrated the Amazon ALEXA voice virtual assistant into its IoT platform structure for mobile assets (Evolution), individuals (Team Manager®), and stationary assets (Things Manager®), using Echo Dot devices. A series of query skills have been incorporated to meet the operational needs of command centers.

As an example, one of the most important public utility companies in Colombia has integrated various IoT management tools from AZLOGICA® into its digital operation. This enables department directors to voice-command queries about available resources, identify the most risky assets, determine the least exposed assets, and identify those with the lowest fuel consumption, among other custom-configured queries.

This resource optimization and risk management function with IoT adds to the multiple integrated solutions that AZLOGICA® offers to the market, proving useful even in current public health situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic. These solutions reflect a high-impact financial governance policy, contribute significantly to sustainable development, and leverage world-class technologies.

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