Copyright office registers AZLogica’s IoT platforms

Four of the IoT software platforms developed by AZLOGICA have been registered by the DNDA, demonstrating and promoting respect for intellectual property. It is said that a work is born with creation and not with registration, but despite this, the registration of a work is essential to facilitate and ensure protection for both the creator and their work.

AZLOGICA®  has registered trademarks and intellectual property, and this time it has achieved certified registration by the DNDA, the regulatory body for this particular matter, for four of its most relevant platforms in its elastic IoT value proposition.

They are:

TEAM MANAGER®: IoT manager applied to people and processes (e.g., virtual experts, sales force, field labor scheduling, etc.)

THINGS MANAGER®: IoT manager for stationary assets (e.g., manufacturing lines, pumping stations, treatment plants, mini-banks, etc.)

AZBEACONS®: Mobile and stationary assets with Bluetooth links for management (e.g., Pay As You Drive, Geolocated Marketing, etc.)

EVOLUCION®: IoT management for mobile assets (e.g., trucks, agricultural machinery, drones and aircraft, bicycles, boats, etc.)

The legal work associated with this management was led by GHA, an expert firm in intellectual property management. Dr. Luisa Herrera provides the following information regarding the importance of this achievement.

AZL: What does having the registration of these platforms mean for AZLOGICA and its clients?

LH: For AZLOGICA, it means having the peace of mind to defend exclusive rights for the exploitation of property rights over these computer programs. For the client, it is the endorsement of the originality of the products and services offered by AZLOGICA and that their work respects the copyright of third parties.

AZL: What benefits do they bring us?

LH: The main benefit is having essential evidentiary elements in the defense of rights. In addition to having the reassurance that the competent authority in this matter has overseen the copyright protection requirements of AZLOGICA’s programs and developments, thus guaranteeing the work.

All of this provides protection for AZLOGICA’s valuable intangible assets against possible unfair and illegal exploitation of AZLOGICA’s developments. Despite not being a patent, this registration does declare and provide fundamental evidentiary mechanisms when defending and initiating actions in situations of copyright infringement.

AZL: What were the most challenging elements in the process and how did GHA overcome them?

LH: There were two main challenges in meeting legal requirements:

Conducting internal contract due diligence, which was overcome thanks to the meticulous review of each one to ensure compliance with the norm and the organization of both the law firm and AZLOGICA.

Meeting some legal requirements and DNDA requirements that involved maintaining a balance between confidentiality and the intended records, as well as the need to focus on proving respect and compliance with moral copyright.

It is also important to differentiate this registration from that of a patent because although in the latter it is required to reveal much more information about the best way to use the invention, in the former, this is not required, and therefore it is possible to maintain the confidentiality of a large part of the information.

The strategic factor around the trademark registration allows increasing the brand value of both each of the platforms registered by AZLOGICA and the company itself. From the beginning, AZLOGICA has decided to compete globally by integrating intangible assets into its strategy, and ultimately, this requires thinking about intellectual property.

It is clear that a company adds and increases value by enhancing its investment in intellectual property for its intangible assets. Finally, from the most altruistic point of view, AZLOGICA believes, supports, protects, and encourages the work of authors, as thanks to them, humanity continues in a cycle of growth, where creativity and innovation will continue to serve as a fundamental axis

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