Coomeva overcomes voice virtual assistant challenge with AZLogica®

Hello, Alexa, please inform me about Coomeva’s events for children near my home today.

Here is a list of children’s events today near your home…

In a conversation as simple and fluent as the one above, Coomeva is taking a technological leap forward to serve its affiliates.

After being invited to support them in solving this challenge, AZLOGICA developed a series of voice virtual assistant skills for Coomeva to increase and streamline its technological options so that its millions of affiliates and clients, whether in banking, health, EPS, or cooperatives, can feel that they have a Coomeva office as close as a simple “voice command.”

To successfully address this challenge, Coomeva chose 3 key processes out of dozens in its business group, and with the definition of the ideal step-by-step attention, AZLOGICA developed the skills so that any voice virtual assistant (in this case, ALEXA) could address customer or affiliate needs associated with the process through conversation. This solution goes beyond what bots can achieve; it is much more elastic, secure, and robust, which is essential for optimizing processes and ensuring an immediate positive impact on service quality.

The execution process is simple in just 5 steps:

Invoke Alexa with the voice command “Hello.”

Send to the Alexa cloud service✓ Voice recognition

✓ Speech-to-text conversion

✓ Natural language understanding

✓ Recognition of text intention

Send JSON request to handle the intention to the AWS Lambda function in the cloud.

Execute the code to handle the intention. Lambda acts as the backend. The response is also in JSON format.

The Lambda function sends the response to the Alexa service, which converts the text response to voice and speaks it.

With such technological advances in processes, Coomeva, as well as any small or large company, can access artificial intelligence resources with voice virtual assistants that facilitate the handling of their processes and provide quick, clear, and secure access to information for the benefit of their customers, employees, and other stakeholders.”

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