Colombian Flowers Connect to the Internet of Things

Colombian flowers are optimizing their logistics process with the Internet of Things for the transportation of flowers from the farms to their distribution and export center.

Falcon Farms Group uses AZLOGICA’s® IoT platform to optimize its flower transportation logistics.

Falcon Farms Group, a renowned exporter of Colombian flowers worldwide, has implemented an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that will allow them to optimize their logistics process for:

• Transporting flowers from the farms
• Transporting flowers to distribution and export centers
• Optimizing the process adapted on AZLOGICA’s® agnostic mobile asset platform, Evolución.
Colombian Flowers Connect to the Internet of Things with the Ecodrive® Platform.

With the Internet of Things, we can optimize flower transportation by:

• Optimal and secure product routing
• Controlling key variables such as temperature to ensure safety
• Early alerts and prediction in the cold chain
Also, check out AZLOGICA’s® free launch of ECODRIVE® for all its customers on World Environment Day.

In this way, export-quality flowers arrive in optimal conditions in the hands of international buyers.

This solution, with a strong focus on sustainability, also ensures the efficient use of energy for cooling, allowing savings in non-renewable resources and reducing the carbon footprint in this process.

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