Solution for Forklift Performance Improvement

For two decades, Sedial Logística has been consolidating itself as one of the strongest strategic alliance companies offering specialized services related to distribution, storage, and logistics. Some of the largest manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods rely on its operations, and now they establish a partnership with AZLOGICA®, thanks to its leadership in providing Internet of Things solutions.

With the technological contribution of AZLOGICA®, Sedial Logística has implemented a solution applied to 20 of its forklifts, connected with the aim of optimizing their operations and, consequently, their productivity. This is achieved through a tool that allows the establishment of efficiency, identification, and dimensioning values within the variables of operation.

This optimization in the logistical management of their operations not only focuses on an operational factor. The use of the tool is also intended for risk management. Thus, amid the analyses that allow the identification of the most productive activities, data on the operation variables of the forklifts are collected to mitigate risk values for the operators.

With a significant return on their investment, Sedial will now have an ideal support from AZLOGICA® to address problems ranging from the simplest to the most complex in their operations.

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