AZLOGICA® at the AWS Partner Summit LatAm 2024: Strengthening Alignment with AWS Strategies for Latin America

Highlighting the potential of emerging markets in Latin America, the Latin American Partners Summit of Amazon Web Services focused on technological innovation and integration with its partners. AWS presented promising figures as well as tools and solutions to facilitate the adoption of generative AI, model training and inference, data migration, and storage, while outlining key strategies to strengthen its partner ecosystem and contribute to growth in the region

From May 21 to 23, Amazon Web Services (AWS) held the 2024 edition of its AWS Partner Summit LatAm 2024 – emphasizing technological innovation, the development and expansion of local infrastructures, integration with its partners, and workforce development as fundamental elements to drive growth and transformation in the region.

For AWS, the potential in emerging countries in Latin America is quite significant. Their studies show highly positive figures, citing nearly 65,000 joint opportunities for potential customers, hundreds of clients with opportunities to migrate to their services, and 2 million users with cloud-related skills.

For the Colombian multinational AZLOGICA®, their presence at this event was a satisfying experience, as it was clear that the company aligns with the goals set by AWS at the summit, which has allowed it to strengthen its vision and objectives. Additionally, AZLOGICA® has recently opened an office in Colorado, USA, known for being an important high-tech hub, especially in quantum computing, adding to its office in Europe, opened in 2018.

During the AWS Partner Summit LatAm 2024, it became clear that one of AWS’s goals is to continue opening pathways to develop, enable, deliver, and quickly promote solutions that also include guidance to their partners to create customized industrial solutions. They work with validated reference architectures, open-source codes, and marketing resources so that their clients can build, validate, market, and sell faster.

Customer Obsession, Partner Obsession

For AZLOGICA®, its focus on the solutions each customer seeks is associated with the AWS philosophy. The designs of their platforms allow very rapid processes, as they are pre-created with customization according to each client, strengthening their value proposition.

One of the pillars of this summit was what AWS calls the Center of Excellence around Generative Artificial Intelligence. Its purpose is to generate a strategy manual for their partners so they can more quickly and clearly adopt the resources of this technology to bring them to concrete solutions.

Focused on reach, speed, and growth, the idea is for companies to know where their customers are, accelerate their sales cycles, and grow through internationalization, establishing guided and optimized learning paths, forums, and knowledge exchange, and also keeping in mind use cases and best practices.

In 2016, in a letter to his partners,, Inc. founder and CEO Jeff Bezos stated that “a customer-focused approach has many advantages, but this is the most important: customers are always beautifully and wonderfully dissatisfied, even when they say they are happy and the business is doing well. Even when they don’t yet know it, customers want something better, and your desire to delight customers will drive you to invent on their behalf.”

Through a comprehensive set of basic leadership principles, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides companies with reliable, effective, and innovative digital solutions worldwide. Their customer obsession, articulated from the beginning by its creator Jeff Bezos, ensures services always adapted to real-world needs. For this reason, AWS insists on a sense of ownership and pursuing the highest standards to drive robust and reliable AI tools.

Matter of AWS Principles

As company leaders expect continuous innovation and invention from their teams, AWS’s principle of inventing and simplifying speaks of having external awareness, that is, validating ideas that come from anywhere. This, combined with the principle of committing to hiring and developing the best talent, translates into fostering continuous innovation and creating easy-to-use technologies.

AWS insists on continuous learning and a deep understanding of the problems to be solved, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of their AI models. Likewise, a bias for action, frugality (optimized use of time and resources), and thinking big are encouraged for rapid development towards profitable solutions.

AWS’s proposal is building and maintaining trust, fostering open and results-oriented dialogue that guarantees scalable and high-quality services, along with each company’s effort to be the best employer on the planet. That way, the objective is to create a positive work environment that contributes to the development of higher quality services. Finally, in a framework of broad responsibility, AWS emphasizes the promotion of ethical AI practices and sustainability, ensuring that all business growth benefits society as a whole.

AZLOGICA® is closely aligned with the approach and transformation policies of its partners, as outlined by AWS at this summit. This action is associated, once again, with customer obsession, but also with hiring experts in building solutions and believers in what they do, establishing a belief system under the aforementioned AWS principles, and adopting continuous experimentation with tolerance for failure.

Towards the Best Business Results

For Edgar Salas, CEO of AZLOGICA®, a trend has been generated around Generative Artificial Intelligence that is not necessarily contributing speed in the right direction. “The important thing,” he says, “is that just as we should generate an obsession with customers, the obsession we should be focused on is the quality of input data and the fine-tuning of output data. Only then will hallucinations be reduced, which are the effect of a lack of quality in the generative AI construction process.”

With clear objectives regarding business models, in terms of building, establishing a market, selling, and growing, and aligned with AWS’s philosophy, AZLOGICA® is clear that it does not engage in projects that do not have a profitability framework. As AWS stated at the summit, their focus is on Business Outcome Delivery through providing a good collection of data processed on their platforms, available on AWS. The information is delivered in decision-making formats for early alerts, developed for Business Intelligence, for prediction through Artificial Intelligence.

One of the great pillars of Amazon Web Services is its AWS Marketplace, which was again presented at this summit as an interesting turning point, offering valuable figures that allow for 27% higher earning rates, 40% faster sales cycles, and an 80% increase in the size of the offering.

AZLOGICA® understood from the outset the importance of this Marketplace, and for this reason, it was the first Independent Software Vendor (ISV) from Colombia and the first in the IoT market in Latin America to register its products there. The challenge was to include elements that constitute a typical and high-impact IoT architecture within a Marketplace when the value proposition is customized for each client. Thanks to the flexibility of the AWS Marketplace, AZLOGICA® managed to establish solutions through private offers and the creation of specialized projects.

AWS, a World of Solutions and Tools from AI

During this Summit, AWS showcased its portfolio of Artificial Intelligence tools and services, applicable in various fields, including Amazon Q, a generative AI tool designed to strengthen multiple language models and enhance productivity; Amazon Bedrock, a tool that allows companies to experiment with and implement generative AI applications; SageMaker, which allows creating, training, and deploying machine learning models; Amazon Aurora, a globally scalable database service; and Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse that makes data analysis simple and cost-effective.

Joint Selling or Going Together in Business

For AWS, the economic sectors where they see the greatest strengths are: financial services, manufacturing and industry, retail, packaged consumer goods, healthcare and life sciences, telecommunications, the automotive sector, media and entertainment, and energy and utilities. In its experience, AZLOGICA® has had several success stories within the mentioned sectors and for various companies such as Coca Cola, Allianz, Axa Colpatria, Manuelita, Nokia, Renault, KIA, Coomeva, EmCali, and other top-tier companies.

Finally, AWS proposed at this summit the idea of making AWS technology available to their partners to introduce them to new businesses. This action, which they have called “Joint Selling,” does not mean that AWS and the associated member are selling services on behalf of each other. It is about developing solutions together to deliver them to the client.

For Edgar Salas, “AZLOGICA®’s expectation is to capitalize on the entries and the impact that AWS has on certain clients to quickly grow all migration projects, and strengthen them through solutions to operational problems, and to make these businesses deliver Business Outcomes.”

At the AWS Partner Summit LatAm 2024, several conclusions were drawn by the peers attending the event. Among them was identifying potential and real operations that allow for scaling and jointly capitalizing on resources. For AZLOGICA®, the experience of this summit leaves the objective of leveraging the potential, impact, policies, and strategies outlined in the summit.

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