AZACADEMY: A Leap into IoT Knowledge Transfer

Given the growing needs in emerging technologies and the dynamics of contemporary education

Given the growing needs in emerging technologies and the dynamics of contemporary education, AZLOGICA® has launched the AZACADEMY program to facilitate access to IoT knowledge for everyone.

Education is key to advancing society, so much so that it occupies the fourth position within the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), where ensuring access to quality education for all is emphasized. Emerging countries face significant challenges when it comes to implementing strategies to enhance and provide good education, hence seeking solutions to close the existing gap with developed countries.

Currently, globalization demands that companies and institutions leverage the diversity of their human talent as a competitive advantage to address market and customer challenges. On the other hand, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, where most countries announced the closure of educational institutions, has also required educational training programs to be digital and easily accessible to everyone, allowing them to increase their knowledge from anywhere in the world.

With over 13 years of experience, AZLOGICA® has been identified as a regional reference in IoT solutions, thanks to its extensive knowledge and expertise provided by its strategic partners, clients, and team. In recent years, due to its academic vocation and close collaboration with some of the leading universities in the region, AZLOGICA® has contributed as a source of information to assist in adopting emerging technologies based on the Internet of Things (IoT), contributing to sustainable development, economic growth, and technological equity in communities. Therefore, it has implemented the AZACADEMY project as a tool that enables the training of its human capital and knowledge management in IoT technology, strengthening its internal training programs, increasing productivity, competitiveness, and personal and institutional value generation, as well as transferring knowledge to its clients, suppliers, distributors, collaborators, and strategic partners to have a direct impact on their growth and projection. And also, to make it known to the markets, so that more and more actors become active in this technology.

The AZACADEMY program covers a broad spectrum of topics in IoT solutions with experienced trainers, specific training courses that include digital training platforms, and integration with webinar-type business events, promoting networking among participants from diverse backgrounds and profiles within the company. Topics include successful marketing of an IoT solution, how to carry out hardware installations for IoT solutions, how to manage and control the execution of IoT projects, how to perform the selection, development, and/or integration of hardware and software for an IoT solution, optimization of IoT processes through data analytics, etc. All of the above will be part of the course catalog available from the third quarter of 2021

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