AZBEACONS: A step forward in the evolution of proximity devices

AZBECONS: A step forward in the evolution of proximity devices

The integration between beacon technology with the AZLOGICA®'s IoT platform that offers
AZBEACONS, promise to project the proximity devices marketing to high impact industrial
scenarios. Merging the platform's experience, robustness and security with the beacon's
versatility and low power consumption, AZBEACONS allows the manage optimization of work
teams or inventories, fixed or mobile assets, guaranteeing thus the return of investment
associated to the organization's promise of value.
Indeed, by themselves, beacons just transmit a radio signal (BLE – Bluetooth low energy)
compose by a combination of letters and numbers that completely identifies the device. The
management of this information and the possible associated use cases rest entirely in the
apps developed for each possible scenario. It is here when the backing of an IoT platform
results relevant for the evolution of the proximity devices marketing, multiplying the number of
possible interactions with other devices, providing, at the same time, historical, current and
predictive views of business operations.
Although, the comercial use and implementation of this technology is not something new, it
can be traced back at least to the launch of Apple's iBeacon in late 2013, experts such as iot
tech expo world series or ABIresearch tend to consider it as one of the most relevant to be
taken into account in the market for this 2017. Predicting, in some cases, a TCAC (compound
annual growth rate) of 133% for these markets in the period between 2016 and 2021 *(1).

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