Many technology market researchers have been predicting more than 20 billion “Things” connected to the internet by 2020. This prediction is becoming true day by day, as having assets visibility in real time is becoming a necessity.

AZLOGICA was born 10 years ago to accomplish what IoT is expected to deliver, adding up two strategic premises:  1. Connect whatever customers need to monitor remotely –from A to Z- and 2. Adapt technology to the customer -not the contrary-.

In our entrepreneurship race we developed our own platform to accomplish those two premises from the very beginning. From first year we engaged great customers such as GAS NATURAL (Energy) and MANUELITA (Agriculture) which reflects our B2B market focus and interest. Until now we have developed projects for almost any industry. Our CAGR is more than 55% in this 10 years. We have operation in almost any Latin-American country. And our customers reported 10x ROI and 6 months payback in average.

AZLOGICA has been recognized by Technology Ministry, and other regional institutions as a regional leader in IoT, earned prizes from FEDESOFT and INNOVA and last year we were the only Latin-American Winner in the World IoT Contest from DELL EMC – CONNECT WHAT MATTERS, competing with more than 940 companies.

These achievements are mainly based in 10 key points we defined strategically to deliver a strong promise of value and build long term relationships:

INTEGRATION: To integrate data-from-and-to our platform is up to the customer needs. E.g. National Police IoT solution for vehicles integrates the data of the connected patrols to many platforms of them, such as ORACLE, SIGEA, SECAD and other proprietary applications.

CO-CREATION: Our expertise multiplied to our customer knowledge is put together to set up the co-created solution. E.g. Agriculture leader Manuelita shared their knowledge and expertise to online calculation of  Equipment Efficiency. Our solution puts the information the way they need.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Every opportunity of deploying IoT for a customer is calculated on costs reduction or increased revenue. We help customer calculate ROI based on achievements. Manuelita had a 3 months payback and revenue for USD300.000 above the investment for the first year, for the first stage of a long term project Project.

ECOFRIENDLY: Most of our solutions help improve energy efficiency, costs reduction, and Social Responsibility. ECODRIVE®  is our tool to help visualize energy consumption and efficiency on intelligent reports. Customers also have tax exemptions according to local laws.

SCALABILITY:  Our platform is designed to be upgraded easily, with low costs and low risks. Customers like CODENSA (Energy) began connecting Street lights to control lamps theft, and solution evolved to calculate lamps performance based in connected working hours, allowing continuous upgrade.

FLEXIBILITY: We are flexible because our scalability is quick and with low costs and risks. Our R&D team help to deliver rapid upgrade to any Project. In CODENSA case of use we passed through 4 different stages in less than 1 year. Each stage delivered different information and attended different needs.

INFORMATION SECURITY:  AZLOGICA is certified in Information Security Standard ISO 27001, so all of our customers rely data production and processing on our solutions.  NATIONAL POLICE uses our solutions for patrol tracking and mobile video online. They know such information is safe in our platform.

STRATEGIC PARTNERS: We have strengthen alliances with world tech leaders such as AMAZON, INTEL, HUAWEI, ORACLE  and DELL EMC among many others. We are complimentary to them in reaching end users and market share. AZLOGICA appears in their portfolio of IoT solutions providers.

HIGHLY RECOGNIZED CUSTOMERS: Leaders in manufacture, Insurance, Agriculture, Government, Services, Transportation and Telcos in Latinomerica are part of our customer’s portfolio.  Coca Cola, Renault, Mapfre, Allianz, Telefonica, Tigo and many others are among them.

EXPERIENCE: Our team is a high class blend of Experienced Directors and millennial professionals. This mixture gives us knowledge and speed to lead market and technology to a faster pace.